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An unmistakable smile gives unique presence to a person in his/her network of friends, family, and colleagues. It is every person's desire to achieve the signature smile which positively reflects the personality. Since straight and well-aligned teeth are the fundamental requirements of an attractive smile, orthodontic treatment gains high importance in cosmetic dentistry. The principle of cosmetic dentistry is to shape the teeth to look their best. While braces work remarkably well for moving crooked teeth to the right position, nothing has been as effective and as aesthetically beautiful as treatment with the Invisalign system. Invisalign changed the way people look at orthodontic treatment, by introducing clear aligners. This has relieved people from the burden of being conscious about their smile during orthodontic treatment. As licensed provider of Invisalign treatment in Linden, NJ, we have helped many people realize their dream smile. Our exceptional care has brought us closer to the hearts of the people in our city and we take pride in crafting wonderful smiles for them through our cosmetic dentistry techniques.

How is Invisalign helpful?

As an orthodontic treatment, Invisalign aligners do the wonderful task of moving teeth to the right position. They are capable of fixing a number of orthodontic problems which include cross bite, crowding, open bite, gaps between teeth, over bite and under bite. Unlike braces which have wires that should be tightened periodically, Invisalign system has a series of aligners which simply have to be exchanged one after the other. The aligners can be removed by patients when they brush and floss their teeth during the day. Invisalign systems are comfortable to wear. Since cleaning is not a problem with the aligners they give patients the freedom of eating whatever they like. The aligners are virtually invisible when placed on teeth which mean an orthodontic treatment does not stop patients from taking part in special events and social gatherings.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

When most of us think of orthodontic braces, we often remember the sharp metal and wire monstrosities we or our friends endured. One of the most commonly cited reasons for not pursuing orthodontic work is not the pain or the expense, but “having to wear braces.”

Sometimes called ‘clear braces’ or ‘plastic braces’, Invisalign® braces are made from a transparent plastic that fits over the front surfaces of the teeth. Instead of tightening wires, you visit the dentist every few weeks for a new set of aligners as your teeth shift into their new positions.

Invisalign® braces have many benefits over traditional braces. They are more comfortable than metal braces and do not catch on the sensitive gum tissue. In most cases, Invisalign® braces do not take any longer to be effective than traditional braces.

At meal times, they can be removed, allowing patients to eat what they want, and they can be removed to brush and floss their teeth as well, preventing plaque and stain problems that plague traditional brace methods. Finally, because they are clear plastic, they are nearly imperceptible and do not detract from a patient’s smile.

Invisalign® braces are the modern method of improving tooth and jaw alignment, periodontal health, and improving the confidence and smiles of both adults and teens.

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