DNA Appliance Therapy

The DNA Appliance therapy is a groundbreaking technology that enables both adults and kids to opt for this method in order to cure TMJ pain, sleep apnea, small stuffy nasal passageways, posture problems and headaches. It is a harmless technique that requires no surgery to fix these issues. This appliance can be worn very conveniently during the evening and night time just like a dental retainer. Remarkable improvements will be attained when a person opts for this simple therapy.

DNA Appliance therapy also provides extensive benefits such as –
  • Better nasal breathing
  • Snoring among an individual is drastically reduced
  • It improves teeth alignment naturally.
  • It treats sleep apnea and snoring
  • It improves TMJ symptoms
  • It is painless, very discrete appliance designed for both adults and children.
  • The number of hours of sleep is increased
  • Since the individual is well rested, the productivity of his work is greater
  • The mental well being of the person is enhanced and is able to exhibit a lot of energy on the things that he/she wishes to do
  • The anxiety of the person is reduced making them a more positive person
  • The eating habits of the individual changes in such a way that metabolism is increased

The DNA Appliance therapy is always being reviewed and analyzed from the 70’s era, there are many contributions provided in this field and many publications also come in support of this therapy. In an interesting turn of events, this DNA Appliance therapy also aids to attain a further refined jawline structure that can be considered as a cosmetic benefit as well. The principles of Epigenetic Orthodontics are applied here inherently that will help naturally activate one’s genes that correct underdevelopment in the craniofacial region with removable appliances during the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The bones present in the craniofacial region are adjusted over time in a nonsurgical method. This provides to be a very successful solution for an average family who wishes to go for a long-lasting pain-free method that doesn’t involve any drugs, medication or harsh injections.

The DNA Appliance therapy resorts to gently expand the upper arch space that formulates the lower jaw to move forward into a more natural position. The patient’s ability to breath is enhanced further. The DNA Appliance therapy is proving to be very successful and is deemed to be an effective tool to correct the alignment of teeth, facial development, upper airway, and neuromuscular harmony.

The fact is, sleep apnea is a serious condition which ultimately leads to hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, depression, fatigue and impotence. DNA appliance is effective and painless.

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