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A gap created by a lost tooth is far more dangerous to the mouth than just the impairment caused by biting and chewing of food. A missing tooth hurts both the aesthetics and the physical health of a person leading to a more serious problem over a period of time. There have been some innovative technologies introduced in dental science to combat the troubles of missing tooth/teeth. Dental implants have achieved the best results among all the methods of tooth replacement. The placement of dental implants involves surgery, which can be performed by qualified dental professionals. We provide a number of cosmetic solutions for the people of Linden and Hazlet, NJ. Our APS Dental Center has wonderfully upgraded the oral health of many patients through dental implant treatments. We are known for our painless treatment procedure and our utmost care for smile enhancement.

Dental implants – A restoration for life

Have you been missing a tooth for quite some time? You might be at risk of few oral health problems. A missing tooth not only compromises your ability to bite and chew food but can lead to poor oral health.

  • Tooth loss can lead to jaw bone resorption which can cause the facial skin to sag
  • Tooth loss can increase food lodgment in the gap and increase the risk of periodontal problems
  • Tooth loss reduces chewing efficiency
  • Tooth loss increases stress on nearby teeth
  • The teeth nearby can move towards the gap causing orthodontic problems

Dental implants are metal restorations which are designed to replace a lost tooth root. The implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone and is left to heal. The most amazing quality of this restoration is its ability to form a functional bond with the bone tissues. The implant literally becomes an integral part of the patient’s oral cavity. This gives the tooth replacement better stability and improves chewing efficiency. If maintained well, the implanted tooth can last a lifetime.

How a lost tooth is replaced using dental implants?

Your first visit to our Stuart dental office will involve a thorough dental examination. Our dentist checks for gum problems and examines the status of your supporting bone. The bone should have enough density to hold an implant. We will make a note of your medical history and the treatment plan is set based on the learning from the examination. The dental implant restoration procedure takes a few visits to complete.

In the first phase, a surgery is performed to insert the implant into the supporting bone structure. A flap is opened in the gums to access the bone and a series of drills are used to create a bony recess. The implant is carefully torqued in place and the gums are sutured back. The implant should be cared for during the next few months where it heals and becomes an integral part of the bone.

On confirmation of healing of the dental implant, our dentist takes impressions of the teeth and gets a crown fabricated in the lab. The implant cap is removed and an abutment is fixed to it. On confirmation of fit, the new crown can be cemented or screwed over the implant. We then go on to tell the patient how to care for the new implanted tooth.

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